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Avoid Physician Burnout!


Stress Relief Coaching Program

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The Law of Attraction


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Did you ever imagine yourself in this position 10 years ago?

I’ve been working with doctors for years and there’s a common thread I’ve discovered.  It’s the feeling of passion for what you do, but an overriding sense of a loss of control.

You still want to do what you got into this profession to do.

You still have the strong desire to heal, to diagnose and to care.

You still love the challenge.

But along the way things seem to have gone haywire.  The red tape, the hassles, the crowded waiting rooms, the high maintenance patients, the pharmaceutical sales people, the insurance, the bookkeeping, and on and on…

You seem to have lost the spark and it’s been replaced by an ache in the back of your neck, or sleepless nights, or irritability.

Now, you owe it to your patients, your family and yourself to be best doctor, parent, spouse and yes, human being that you can possibly be. 

Now, you have to care for the one who cares for others.

Now it’s time to heal yourself!

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