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Avoid Physician Burnout!


Maria Lesetz

I am a Certified Life Coach for Doctors.
This means that I have been expertly trained to understand the life of a Physician, by a Physician, and have learned the most effective techniques on how to assist all my physician clients to improve their overall quality of life.

I have extensive training and have graduated from the leading global provider of Coach Training Programs: Coach U.

My expertise is Health Coaching. I have coached thousands of people with Multiple Sclerosis and other Chronic Health Conditions to reduce stress, increase their energy level, and live a rich and fulfilling life, despite their health challenge.
For more details around my Health and Wellness Coaching, you can visit: www.LovinLifeNow.com or for people with MS www.MSEmpowerment.com

I was personally diagnosed with MS and yet still maintain a high energy level and positive attitude towards life, living my motto “It’s just another bump in the road”! I have found the “silver lining” in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and I will not let anything stop me from living my dreams. As your coach, I will encourage you to embrace the same attitude and not settle for anything less than your “personal best”!

My energy level is contagious – all the people who have worked with me one-on-one or attended a speaking event of mine, leave feeling more energized than they have ever felt before. People often tell me that they want to “bottle up my energy” and take me home with them!

Through the coaching process you will learn effective strategies to manage the constant stress and demands that you deal with on a daily basis. You will have more energy, greater mental clarity and focus and improve your personal and business relationships!

Other credentials:

M.A., in Statistics
B.A. in Mathematics
Senior Statistical Consultant to Fortune 500 companies
Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
Founding Member of Coachville & Graduate School of Coaching

Maria’s Motivation for Coaching Doctors:

It's been an interesting journey on how I came to be the expert for coaching doctors who are dealing with a health challenge. It started with becoming the best life coach & motivational speaker for people with Multiple Sclerosis! Then, I heard about this specialized certification coaching program, specifically designed around training the life coach how to coach the Doctor client. I thought "Wow, what if I were to combine both my expertise of coaching people with a Chronic Health Condition with the knowledge I would gain from becoming a Certified Life Coach for Doctors!"

A light bulb went off in my head! After all, if you are a doctor, you know that dealing with a health challenge yourself can feel ten times worse than treating your patients that have the health challenge (that's if you even accept the fact that you have a health issue!). So, who's there to help you? How do YOU maintain a positive attitude when life throws you a health curve ball?

I got to thinking that if I can help you, as the doctor, maintain your usual energy level and keep your spirits up, even while dealing with a health challenge, you will definitely be that Invincible MD that you usual are with your patients. Isn't that what you want?

After all, you are held on a pedestal by your patients and by society in general. There's a reputation that goes along with being a Doctor! A Neurologist that I used to see just left his practice, due to his illness. He had Parkinson’s Disease. I heard that his patients started transferring their records to another Doctor in the office without even speaking to him about it. How do you think he felt when all of this started to happen? Many patients don't feel comfortable going to a doctor who has obvious signs of a health challenge. As a doctor, you are supposed to be unstoppable, invincible, and God-like! But, let's get real, you are human too! Doctors get sick. Doctors have life challenges! Doctors have relationship issues! --- Just like the rest of us.

I am so psyched to help you to manage your daily stressors more effectively and to teach you concrete steps to maintain a positive attitude, increase your overall energy level, and enrich your personal and business relationships, while still maintaining your Invincible MD image!

Anything is possible. If anyone knows that ... you should. You perform miracles. You heal people.

Here's my question for you... are you aware of the power of your thoughts? That's one of the key steps that I will be working on with you when you hire me as your personal coach.

I have always been told that my energy level is "off the charts". I motivate and inspire people beyond their wildest dreams. If I can do this for many Doctors, then I am impacting many patients as well. For if the doctor shows up to his/her appointments feeling empowered, despite the challenges he/she is facing, then the patient wins as well. The patient will get the best of that Doctor and in turn will benefit health-wise.

So, there you have it… my motivation for coaching doctors! It’s a win-win for all!

If you are a Doctor who is beginning to feel like the stress of your profession is starting to impact your overall health OR if you have been recently dealing with your own illness and are concerned about how this is going to impact your work and personal life, then do yourself a favor and contact Maria Lesetz, Certified Life Coach for Physicians, TODAY!

Many Doctors are not familiar with the professional service of a Life Coach. But now that YOU ARE, don’t you owe it to yourself, your patients and your family to contact Maria Lesetz to schedule your complimentary, conditional consultation?!

Do your HEALTH a favor and contact Maria today!