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Avoid Physician Burnout!


Physician Coaching Services
Maria Lesetz, Certified Life Coach For Doctors

According to the International Coach Federation…

“Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives.” (From ICF, 2006)

Working with a coach is like having a professional partner, who is there to unconditionally support you, in a non-judgmental and confidential environment, who has the extensive expertise in human behavior and who can provide you with tools and strategies to enhance your overall quality of life. Investing in Professional Coaching Services will help you to expedite the process of achieving your personal and professional goals and attract more of what you want into your life, while simultaneously eliminating all the energy drains that negatively impact your overall health and well-being.

You can expect the following results when working with Maria Lesetz:

Feel Less Stress / More Focused / Have More Energy
Be motivated to improve your physical fitness level and get back to your ideal weight!
See significant improvements in relationships with your spouse and other loved ones
You will learn the principles of the Law of Attraction so that you can consistently shift your thoughts to more empowering ones, even through adversity!
Feel fully supported through the coaching process and know that you have a professional resource to tap into when you need it most.


To learn more about my coaching services for physicians, contact me today at Maria@InvincibleMD.com.

I would be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation to discuss how Life Coaching could benefit your overall health and well-being. Your patients and your family depend on you to be happy and feel GREAT both physically and emotionally! Click here to request your complimentary consultation.


Coaching for the Doctor’s Wife, Husband and entire family:

Maria Lesetz also offers coaching services for the families of Doctors.  The Doctor’s wife or husband deals with the stress of being married to a Doctor and his profession.  The spouse and children spend less quality time with their Doctor parent which can put a strain on the relationship.  As a family member of a Doctor you need resources that can help you to address the unique challenges that present themselves in a Doctor’s family.  Life Coaching can be that resource you are looking for which will give you expert guidance to help you stay positive, keep the lines of communication open and improve the quality of your personal relationship with your loved one.  As a result of the coaching, you will be more at peace, be able to manage the stress more effectively, and be happier more often!  

If you would like to learn more about Maria’s coaching services for Doctors’ spouses and kids, Contact Maria today.