Monday, August 18, 2008

Life Coaching for Doctors - their own Health, the pink elephant

Yes, it's a topic I speak about often. I was so passionate about it that I became a Certified Life Coach for Doctors. However, it is something that doctors are still not quite up to snuff with. After all, this would mean that they would have to admit that maybe they could use a little help themselves in the overall health and wellness department. Sometimes this topic for doctors is like the pink elephant in the room. It's an issue ... it definitely is an issue for them, however they don't want to admit that pink elephant exists.

When I went to a Surgeon's Convention a few years ago and was one of the booths, along side the surgical equipment booths, it was quite interesting watching doctors' reactions to the Life Coaching Booth. Most of them hadn't even heard of this type of service and many of them shared with me quite a few horror stories of their own overall health and well-being, but were not doing anything about it. Many were just not open to investing in their own overall health and well-being and hiring a Life Coach! But, if you are a Doctor, let me ask you this question ... what is your own health worth to you? If you didn't have great health and weren't able to function at the level you currently do, what would that do to your Medical practice? your reputation? the support and help you give your patients? Why did you get into this profession anyway -- to help people improve their health? Don't you think it would be important for you to walk your talk? The level of service you would bring your patients if you were at your prime of health and stress-free would be superior to what it probably is right now.

Contact me if you want to talk about that pink elephant in the room. I absolutely know that I can help you improve your overall health and well-being by increasing your energy level, reducing stress, gaining greater mental clarity and focus and learning how to have greater control over the state of your physical health by learning how to apply some basic principles to your life.

I recently was interviewed on a Radio Show on Road Trip to Wellness: How to Attract Great Health. You can check out the recording of this radio show at the following link:

Contact me if you are ready to take YOUR OWN overall health and well-being to a higher level.

Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Life Coach for Doctors, specializing in Health and Wellness