Monday, November 13, 2006

Passive Income for Doctors

OK. What I am finding out is most of the doctors I speak to are looking for passive income or an additional source of income. Matter of fact, MONEY or lack of money, is one of the major stressors for doctors. Now, you wouldn't think this because a person that is not a doctor thinks that doctors make so much money they don't know what to do with it. However, from my experience of speaking with doctors, many doctors are CASH POOR. They don't make enough money to support their lifestyle OR they feel that they don't make enough money for all the blood, sweat and tears they put into running their medical practice. With long hours, government interference, demanding patients and staff, it's amazing that they can still stand up by the time they get home, nonetheless spend time with their family.

So, are you a doctor who is looking for passive income?
or an additional source of income?
or dare I say it ... financial freedom?

I have the perfect business opportunity for creating passive income for doctors.


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Would love to hear your answer to the following question if you are a doctor or nurse...

- Are you more interested in improving your own personal health OR

are you more interested in making an additional source of income?

Which would you put at the top of your list?

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The Doctor's Wife

What about the doctor's wife ... or more generally, the doctor's signficant other -- doesn't he or she deal with stress and have challenges just by being the spouse of a doctor? Of course they do!

Doctors have long hours, stressful days, deal with government interference all day long (Medicare and HMOs are cutting back), patients are demanding, the list of admistrative work is overwhelming and taking over the type of work the doctor loves to do ... treating patients, solving medical mysteries, helping people feel better! I don't think that being a doctor is the same job that it was 20 or 30 years ago. The culture of being a doctor has changed. Things have become more complicated. Doctors are being taken away why they came to the profession and beginning to say "boy, if I knew then, what I know now, I wouldn't have entered this profession!"

Sometimes you may even see that your spouse (that is the doctor) is starting to come home run down, not appear as healthy, vibrant and energetic as he or she once was. But dare you address the issue of his health? Sometimes, that topic is like the pink elephant in the room -- it exists... but noone wants to talk about it!

Now, back to the doctor's family .... The doctor comes home ... whatever time that is and then he or she has to shift to "family" mode. Do you think that is an easy shift to make? Do you think that the spouse or kids get their doctor family member at his or her best? Or do they get the left over of that exhausting, long and stressful day?

So, as the Doctor's wife or husband or significant other, how do you deal with THAT stress? How do you maintain a healthy relationship with your loved one? What type of stressors do you have by being a wife of a doctor or a significant other of a doctor?

Do you sometimes wish that you could have more free time with your spouse? Do you wish that he or she wouldn't have to work such long hours? Do you wish that more money was being made so that it would free up time for both of you and you could start living life together, enjoying the things you love, vacationing as long as you want or maybe even starting your own little side business together that you have talked about but never got around to doing?

As a life coach, I will often work with the spouse of the doctor --- this can be quite productive and enhance the relationship and the dynamics of the doctor's family.

Contact me at if you are a doctor's wife or spouse and are looking for some answers and for a significant positive change in your relationship and overall life.

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Maria C. Lesetz
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