Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Physicians avoiding Burnout!

Some of my coaching clients who are physicians are at that point where they are in "total overwhelm" mode. They feel like if they continue at the pace they are going, they will definitely burn out! That's one of the main reasons why they have hired me.

Who really suffers when you are under a lot of stress? Well, actually everyone, especially you! But your patients, your spouse, your children all feel the pressures of the medical profession and as a result those relationships are less than optimal.

The question is what do you really want?
* More personal time with your family
* A new career that is less stressful
* Better health
* An office staff that helps make your schedule more efficient instead of hindering it
* To be more productive in your day and run "on time" instead of always running late and making your patients & family wait for you ...

Yes, the list can go on. But you need to identify what you really want to change in your life and then you must believe that there is some way that your desire can manifest.

Many of my physician clients want major change, but their belief around whether it can happen or not is slim to none. Why? Because, they are trying to figure out the HOW. Now, I understand that in your profession, it is important for you to figure out things and come up with a plan to assist your patients to wellness; however, in life, you sometimes have to let go of the how it is going to happen.

One of my doctor clients would love to have her own business which allows her the flexibility to be home by 5:00 / 5:30 pm to spend time with her family. She gets stuck in her head trying to figure out how that is going to happen and then, as a result convinces herself that it is not possible. But it is!

If you had a patient who had a defeatist attitude around their overall health before they even started any wellness plan, what would you say to them? You probably would tell them that their attitude & belief are the most important factors in their success! Well, the same goes for you.

Whether you are a physician, nurse or any other Medical professional, you deal with a lot of stress in your profession and that stress will impact your overall health & well-being. But you know that, except you don't do anything about it because you don't have the time to or you think you are invincible, or you just don't want to invest the money in yourself and your overall health & well-being. Whatever the reason -- they are all excuses - every single one of them. Excuses keep you from living your passion and your dreams; Excuses keep you from true Happiness!

Get rid of those excuses and hire a Life Coach for Doctors and nurses! Your overall Happiness depends on it. If you are not happy in life and enjoying life with every fiber of your being, what's the point?

Somewhere along the line, the passion for what you do dwindled because you got caught up in that feeling of overwhelment that is prevalent in the Medical Profession. You have lost sight of what is really important - -to be happy and to Love Life!

Contact me today and find out more about Life Coaching for Doctors and how it could benefit you.


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