Thursday, April 02, 2009

Interview on Life Coaching for Doctors & Medical Marriages: Part II

As I mentioned on my last post, I was interviewed by a Doctor's spouse name Bea to find out more about Life Coaching for Doctors and how a life coach can help medical marraiges as well. Here's Bea's bio again:

Bea's blog, Finding Equanimity, is about medical marriages and relationships. She writes about ways to find evenness of mind (equanimity) despite the myriad of stresses that a medical marriage can encounter. Bea started her blog because she wanted to chronicle her research on medical relationships and tips that have helped her (and others) along the way. As a result of her research, Bea found my site, and she interviewed me to learn more about life coaches for doctors and the type of advice I give to doctors and their families.

Part II of the interview questions:

4) What seems to be the top worry of a doctor?
(Money, family stress, business, malpractice suits?)

Well, I hear it all. Money, Stress which is affecting their own health, relationship issues, worrying about malpractice suits – all of these are concerns that doctors have. I also hear a lot about substance abuse – which I will tend to refer them to another professional if this is the case.
I can address any of these top worries (money, stress, relationships, business, etc), simply by coaching them around the principles of the Laws of Attraction. It’s a powerful coaching tool that works with all of my clients. However, it takes some time to shift their Mind Set since they have been thinking in a certain negative pattern for a long time. But, it’s just like anything … with practice, change will occur.

5) What in your sessions seems to help doctors the most?

The Law of Attraction coaching and the exercises I give them to help them identify what they really want to attract into their life. Also, a willingness on their part to open their minds and try new methods/approaches that will help them to be more centered, feel more joy and improve all areas of their life.

Another thing that is extremely helpful is the consistent support that they get on a monthly basis. After all, we can all get “thrown off track” every once and a while. But if you have a professional resource that can help you to stay on track and maintain that positive attitude on a regular basis, then you are on your way to lasting and permanent changes that will enrich your life forever.

Once my clients get that they actually do have the power to change their current reality (which I teach them how to do), they feel more empowered and see positive results in their life.

6) What piece of advice would you give to a non-physician spouse in a medical marriage?

You need to keep a Mind Set that is aligned with the type of relationship and life that you really want to have with your spouse. I get more spouses or fiancées calling me about my Life Coaching than the actual Doctors themselves due to the unique challenges that arise when being married to a Doctor & the Medical profession! Hire a Life Coach to help you to manifest the life you want with the love of your life who happens to be a Doctor.

All of us create our own reality by the type of thoughts & feelings we have. The key is in shifting those thoughts & feelings to ones that empower us and match our ultimate desire to be happier in our lives.

To find out more about my Coaching Services, contact me via e-mail at . You can also visit my website at and my websites specifically created for Doctors & their families at & .

Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Life Coach for Doctors & their spouses


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