Tuesday, March 02, 2010

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I have moved! Please visit Life Coaching for Doctors Blogspot Life Coaching for Doctors Blogspot for my new blog home.

This blog will be devoted to helping physicians avoid burnout, reduce stress and start to feel less overwhelmed! Also, you may be a physician who is looking to transition into a new career that allows you the freedom to spend more quality time with your family. I help many of my doctor coaching clients do just that. If that sounds like you, contact me today at Maria@InvincibleMD.com and let's discuss how the coaching process will work for you!

As always, you can visit my two websites specifically for physicians who are looking to improve their own overall health and well-being:

1) 12-week Life Coaching for Doctors Coaching Program, where you can download a free audio coaching message from me on my top 7 tips to reducing stress and avoiding physician burnout!

2) Invincible MD website Life Coaching for Physicians and their entire family (Yes, the Doctor's wife or husband can benefit from hiring a Life Coach too!)

Here are just a few reasons my doctor clients come to me & hire me as their life coach:

* To get back into shape and lose that excess weight that has creeped up on them over time with all the stress

* To transition to a new practice or even a new career -- one which gives them more time with their family so that they don't miss out on their kids growing up. To these clients there highest priority is to spend more quality time with their family.

* To deal with difficult patients and staff more effectively so that their schedule runs far more smoothly.

* To communicate more effectively with fellow doctors/business partners who have very different ways of running their practice and to come to a resolution that works more effectively for my clients.

* To find peace in all the chaos that exists within the medical profession. My clients walk away with specific techniques they can use during the course of their hectic day that help them to get more centered and feel more calm in the middle of a "storm".

* To feel more joy in the course of their day, no matter what is going on around them -- it's a skill that can be learned which benefits both their professional and their personal life!

These are just a few of the topics/areas we work on during the coaching process. Let me know how I can help you!

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Life Coaching for Doctors' families

As I write this post, I can't tell you how many doctors' wives and husbands write to me and ask about my life coaching services. The e-mails that come to me are in the form of a "Dear Abbey" -- well, actually "Dear Maria". They are looking for guidance around how to maintain that healthy relationship with their doctor spouse, despite the long days and demanding schedule. Newlyweds are worried about their future life with their doctor spouse because they already see the relationship and lines of communication seem to be less than optimal.

My doctor coaching clients are very well aware of how the medical profession impacts their personal life and when working with me, they are learning how to find more balance in their life and spend more quality time with their family.

But what about you? If you are a spouse of a Doctor or even a child of a Doctor (or two doctors for that matter) -- how do you maintain a healthy relationship with your loved one who is consumed with their profession? How do you communicate your desires without sounding like you don't understand the demands that their profession places on them?

First off, you need to know exactly what you want out of your family relationships. Too many doctors' wives or husbands focus on what they don't like about their relationship and not enough time is spent focusing on the way they want it to be.

This one simple recommendation is grounded in the Law of Attraction which simply states "that which you concentrate on ... expands". The Law of Attraction is what I base all my coaching around with my Doctor clients and their families. Because just simply understanding this basic Law will help you to attract more of what you do want into your life, and less of what you don't -- no matter who you are or what your situation is.

I highly recommend Family Coaching for Doctors (as long as each party is open to the coaching) -- because this allows for the lines of communication to be open as well as a learning environment where each individual family member learns the basic principles of the Law of Attraction and starts identifying what they want, shifting their thoughts and feelings to align with what they want and manifesting much better relationships within the family circle.

If you are a Doctor who is looking to improve his/her quality of life, reduce stress, improve your relationships with loved ones, then consider my 12-week Life Coaching for Doctors Program

This program is customized to your individual needs and goals.

If you are a Doctor's wife or Doctor's husband or if you are a daughter or son of a doctor, and if you would like your relationships to improve immensely, then contact me directly and let me know how I can help you => Maria@InvincibleMD.com

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Physicians avoiding Burnout!

Some of my coaching clients who are physicians are at that point where they are in "total overwhelm" mode. They feel like if they continue at the pace they are going, they will definitely burn out! That's one of the main reasons why they have hired me.

Who really suffers when you are under a lot of stress? Well, actually everyone, especially you! But your patients, your spouse, your children all feel the pressures of the medical profession and as a result those relationships are less than optimal.

The question is what do you really want?
* More personal time with your family
* A new career that is less stressful
* Better health
* An office staff that helps make your schedule more efficient instead of hindering it
* To be more productive in your day and run "on time" instead of always running late and making your patients & family wait for you ...

Yes, the list can go on. But you need to identify what you really want to change in your life and then you must believe that there is some way that your desire can manifest.

Many of my physician clients want major change, but their belief around whether it can happen or not is slim to none. Why? Because, they are trying to figure out the HOW. Now, I understand that in your profession, it is important for you to figure out things and come up with a plan to assist your patients to wellness; however, in life, you sometimes have to let go of the how it is going to happen.

One of my doctor clients would love to have her own business which allows her the flexibility to be home by 5:00 / 5:30 pm to spend time with her family. She gets stuck in her head trying to figure out how that is going to happen and then, as a result convinces herself that it is not possible. But it is!

If you had a patient who had a defeatist attitude around their overall health before they even started any wellness plan, what would you say to them? You probably would tell them that their attitude & belief are the most important factors in their success! Well, the same goes for you.

Whether you are a physician, nurse or any other Medical professional, you deal with a lot of stress in your profession and that stress will impact your overall health & well-being. But you know that, except you don't do anything about it because you don't have the time to or you think you are invincible, or you just don't want to invest the money in yourself and your overall health & well-being. Whatever the reason -- they are all excuses - every single one of them. Excuses keep you from living your passion and your dreams; Excuses keep you from true Happiness!

Get rid of those excuses and hire a Life Coach for Doctors and nurses! Your overall Happiness depends on it. If you are not happy in life and enjoying life with every fiber of your being, what's the point?

Somewhere along the line, the passion for what you do dwindled because you got caught up in that feeling of overwhelment that is prevalent in the Medical Profession. You have lost sight of what is really important - -to be happy and to Love Life!

Contact me today and find out more about Life Coaching for Doctors and how it could benefit you. www.InvincibleMD.com

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Interview on Life Coaching for Doctors & Medical Marriages: Part II

As I mentioned on my last post, I was interviewed by a Doctor's spouse name Bea to find out more about Life Coaching for Doctors and how a life coach can help medical marraiges as well. Here's Bea's bio again:

Bea's blog, Finding Equanimity, is about medical marriages and relationships. She writes about ways to find evenness of mind (equanimity) despite the myriad of stresses that a medical marriage can encounter. Bea started her blog because she wanted to chronicle her research on medical relationships and tips that have helped her (and others) along the way. As a result of her research, Bea found my site, and she interviewed me to learn more about life coaches for doctors and the type of advice I give to doctors and their families.

Part II of the interview questions:

4) What seems to be the top worry of a doctor?
(Money, family stress, business, malpractice suits?)

Well, I hear it all. Money, Stress which is affecting their own health, relationship issues, worrying about malpractice suits – all of these are concerns that doctors have. I also hear a lot about substance abuse – which I will tend to refer them to another professional if this is the case.
I can address any of these top worries (money, stress, relationships, business, etc), simply by coaching them around the principles of the Laws of Attraction. It’s a powerful coaching tool that works with all of my clients. However, it takes some time to shift their Mind Set since they have been thinking in a certain negative pattern for a long time. But, it’s just like anything … with practice, change will occur.

5) What in your sessions seems to help doctors the most?

The Law of Attraction coaching and the exercises I give them to help them identify what they really want to attract into their life. Also, a willingness on their part to open their minds and try new methods/approaches that will help them to be more centered, feel more joy and improve all areas of their life.

Another thing that is extremely helpful is the consistent support that they get on a monthly basis. After all, we can all get “thrown off track” every once and a while. But if you have a professional resource that can help you to stay on track and maintain that positive attitude on a regular basis, then you are on your way to lasting and permanent changes that will enrich your life forever.

Once my clients get that they actually do have the power to change their current reality (which I teach them how to do), they feel more empowered and see positive results in their life.

6) What piece of advice would you give to a non-physician spouse in a medical marriage?

You need to keep a Mind Set that is aligned with the type of relationship and life that you really want to have with your spouse. I get more spouses or fiancées calling me about my Life Coaching than the actual Doctors themselves due to the unique challenges that arise when being married to a Doctor & the Medical profession! Hire a Life Coach to help you to manifest the life you want with the love of your life who happens to be a Doctor.

All of us create our own reality by the type of thoughts & feelings we have. The key is in shifting those thoughts & feelings to ones that empower us and match our ultimate desire to be happier in our lives.

To find out more about my Coaching Services, contact me via e-mail at Maria@MariaLesetz.com . You can also visit my website at http://www.lovinlifenow.com/ and my websites specifically created for Doctors & their families at http://www.invinciblemd.com/ & http://www.lifecoachfordoctors.com/ .

Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Life Coach for Doctors & their spouses

Interview on Life Coaching for Doctors & Medical Marriages: Part I

Ever since I became a Certified Life Coach for Doctors, I have been contacted by more spouses of Doctors than the actual Doctors themselves. There are a lot of unique life challenges that arise in a Medical Marriages and it is my intent to be the go-to coach that helps the spouses of Doctors address their specific issues and improve their overall quality of life.

I recently had a spouse contact me and asked if I would be open to being interviewed and have my answers posted on her blog in order to share with people how a Life Coach for Doctors can be an invaluable resource for Doctors and their families.

Bea's blog, Finding Equanimity, is about medical marriages and relationships. She writes about ways to find evenness of mind (equanimity) despite the myriad of stresses that a medical marriage can encounter. Bea started her blog because she wanted to chronicle her research on medical relationships and tips that have helped her (and others) along the way. As a result of her research, Bea found my site, and she interviewed me to learn more about life coaches for doctors and the type of advice I give to doctors and their families.

Here's part I of the interview with the answers to the questions that Bea posed to me:

1) What got you interested in becoming a personal coach for doctors?
I was doing Health & Wellness Coaching & specializing in working with people who were dealing with health challenges (especially chronic health conditions and stress-related health issues). Then I met an ER doctor at a business conference who told me that if he ever had any health issues, that I would be the coach he would hire. He also told me that my expertise was extremely needed in the Medical community and that I should consider getting Certified as a Life Coach for Doctors. I went through an intensive Coach Certification Training Program geared towards understanding the Doctor’s lifestyle and the issues that they have to deal with on a regular basis – both personal and business-related. I was trained by a Doctor who had the inside scoop to the Medical Community and the challenges within it. It’s still an untapped resource that many Doctors don’t know exists. Hopefully, with this blog post far more Doctors will take advantage of this professional resource (i.e., Life Coaching) which will help them to avoid burnout and improve their personal relationships with their spouses and families.

2) Why should doctors have personal coaches?
Doctors are human too. They deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis, which impacts their own overall health & well-being. Even though they are in a profession where they are looked at as the one who is supposed to have all the answers, many times, they don’t – especially when it comes to their own life challenges. If more Doctors worked with Life Coaches like me who have been trained to coach Doctors, they would have more balance in their lives, manage the stress more effectively and be an even better physician to their patients than they already are. Their personal lives would also improve because “relationship issues” often come up in the coaching sessions since this area of their life seems to suffer the most as a result of their demanding and hectic schedule. Stress is just a part of a Doctor’s life, but there is a much better way of managing the stress so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on their own overall health and ability to provide the superior service their patients come to expect.

3) What does a typical session with you involve? (For example, do you usually have weekly meetings; do you ever go to their office to meet them or do they come to your office to meet you; what is the typical span of your relationship with a doctor?)

Each month, a typical coaching client has three 45-minute coaching sessions by telephone. It is important that my clients are willing to invest in the coaching process for a minimum of 3-6 months. Some of my clients even hire me for an entire year. Permanent changes happen over time, not over night. If the Doctor wants to see a significant improvement in the quality of their life, then there has to be a commitment on his/her part to invest in the time to do so.

I also make myself available via e-mail and for laser coaching via telephone (brief 5-10 minutes) in between sessions for those moments that my clients need that extra support and guidance, especially when they feel stuck or something “came up” that has thrown them off their path. I want to make sure that all my clients feel fully supported during our coaching relationship and that they know they have a resource that they can tap into when they need it most.

I have a special 12-week Coaching Curriculum that was designed specifically for Doctors to help them improve their overall health & well-being. This curriculum is weaved into our coaching sessions, along with any other area that they want to address. The ultimate goal for any of my clients, Doctors and non-Doctors, is that they want to be happy more often. It’s all about being happy with your life, right?

All my coaching is based on the principles of the Law of Attraction and my clients learn how to shift their thoughts and feelings so that they attract more of what they want into their life and less of what they don’t! Helping doctors manage their stress level more effectively and to improve their personal relationships are two popular concerns that we address during the coaching process. I also have them rank other areas of their life to get a complete snapshot of how they perceive their current state of happiness & wellness.

Stay tuned for Part II of my Interview with Bea (a Doctor's spouse). YOu can find her blog at http://equanimityfound.blogspot.com/

To find out more about my Coaching Services for Doctors & their families, contact me via e-mail at Maria@MariaLesetz.com. You can also visit my website at http://www.lovinlifenow.com/ and my other websites specifically created for Doctors & their families at http://www.invinciblemd.com/ & http://www.lifecoachfordoctors.com/

Have a Lovin' Life day!

Maria C. Lesetz, Certified Life Coach for Doctors

Monday, December 29, 2008

Make your Health #1 in the New Year!

Just wanted to share a video I just put together. It's called the Lovin' Life jingle! :)

As you know, I am passionate about helping people improve their overall health and well-being
-- so passionate that this Holiday Season I decided to re-write a famous Christmas jingle just to get my message across. Listen up. Make a decision to put your Health as #1 in the New Year!

Just because your a Doctor who takes care of your patients' health, doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your own. Matter of fact -- all the more reason to!

After viewing the video, make sure you visit

and http://www.marialesetz.com/health-tutoring.html


To Your Health, Doc!

Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life

Health & Wellness Coach


Monday, December 15, 2008

Calling All Doctors -- how's YOUR Health?

It's kind of strange ... I get more e-mails and requests for my Coaching Services from Doctors' wives and spouses then the actual Doctors themselves. Typically the Doctors' wives (and husbands -- let's not be discriminatory here) are looking for some guidance on how to deal with the very busy schedule that their spouse keeps and how it impacts their personal relationship (i.e., no quality time together, conversations always focusing on his/her day, not the spouse, the stress that comes along with a Doctor's lifestyle, etc.)

But what I find interesting is that many Doctors have lots of stress -- their health is being affected, but it's the big pink elephant in the room. Why is that? Don't you Doctors want to maintain great health so that you can continue to do what you are passionate about at your full capacity, given your 100% to all your patients and providing them with exceptional Health Care?

According to an article from the BMJ (2001; 323; 728-731):
“General practitioners perceive that patients and colleagues link good health in doctors
with medical competence.”
Don’t let your medical competence be questioned.
Make YOUR Health your # 1 Priority!
Visit http://www.lovinlifenow.com/life-coaching-for-doctors.html and contact me today to find out how Life Coaching can help you to maintain great health, reduce stress and even improve your relationship with your spouse and family!

Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life!
Certified Life Coach for Doctors

Monday, August 18, 2008

Life Coaching for Doctors - their own Health, the pink elephant

Yes, it's a topic I speak about often. I was so passionate about it that I became a Certified Life Coach for Doctors. However, it is something that doctors are still not quite up to snuff with. After all, this would mean that they would have to admit that maybe they could use a little help themselves in the overall health and wellness department. Sometimes this topic for doctors is like the pink elephant in the room. It's an issue ... it definitely is an issue for them, however they don't want to admit that pink elephant exists.

When I went to a Surgeon's Convention a few years ago and was one of the booths, along side the surgical equipment booths, it was quite interesting watching doctors' reactions to the Life Coaching Booth. Most of them hadn't even heard of this type of service and many of them shared with me quite a few horror stories of their own overall health and well-being, but were not doing anything about it. Many were just not open to investing in their own overall health and well-being and hiring a Life Coach! But, if you are a Doctor, let me ask you this question ... what is your own health worth to you? If you didn't have great health and weren't able to function at the level you currently do, what would that do to your Medical practice? your reputation? the support and help you give your patients? Why did you get into this profession anyway -- to help people improve their health? Don't you think it would be important for you to walk your talk? The level of service you would bring your patients if you were at your prime of health and stress-free would be superior to what it probably is right now.

Contact me if you want to talk about that pink elephant in the room. I absolutely know that I can help you improve your overall health and well-being by increasing your energy level, reducing stress, gaining greater mental clarity and focus and learning how to have greater control over the state of your physical health by learning how to apply some basic principles to your life.

I recently was interviewed on a Radio Show on Road Trip to Wellness: How to Attract Great Health. You can check out the recording of this radio show at the following link:

Contact me if you are ready to take YOUR OWN overall health and well-being to a higher level.

Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Life Coach for Doctors, specializing in Health and Wellness